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Barefoot is a lifestyle.


The less technologies and supports from the shoes, the more we can connect with our surrounding.


Less is more.


CWB is the pair of barefoot shoes that can take you everywhere.


Started in Hong Kong🇭🇰

Handcrafted in Taiwan🇼🇸



Why Barefoot Shoes?


Wide Toebox:

The extra room in the toebox allows your toes to splay and react on every step you take.


Zero Drop:

The completely flat outsoles with no arch support and cushioning can encourage strengthening of the foot muscle by daily walking. Your feet can also lie completely flat for a more natural posture and ergonomics


7mm Thick Outsole:

The ultra-thin outsole brings your feet closer to the ground, enabling you to receive more sensory feedback for a healthier stride.



Due to the ultra-thin outsole, CWB can encourage you to fully utilize the mechanics in your foot to take a more natural step in different terrains and surfaces.



A size 37 shoe weighs only ~200g, so that you can step light to feel right.



Size Guide and More Information!

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CWB Barefoot Shoes

HK$1,299.00 一般價格
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